Award Winning Faculty and Students

The end of the semester can be a time of stress for many of our Terra State students and faculty as they work diligently to finish projects, study for exams, grade papers, and ensure students are prepared for the next semester.

It can be difficult to recognize the truly important things as our focus narrows to tackle the daily tasks we are trying to accomplish. In an effort to put the semester in perspective, I would like to showcase two people we are extremely proud to call part of our Terra State community – Associate Professor of Mathematics Michelle Younker and student Jeremiah McGowan.

Michelle (Chelle) Younker was recently commended for her service to the Ohio Mathematics Initiative by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Chancellor John Carey honored Chelle with an official proclamation, thanking her for her exceptional service and national recognition. Along with being an excellent professor and respected by colleagues, Chelle is humble, saying the recognition at the board meeting was unexpected. It is a privilege to have her as part of the Terra State faculty!

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Michelle Younker being recognized at the Dec. 2 meeting of the Board of Trustees. Sandy L. Berlekamp, Board of Trustees Chairperson, read the official proclamation and thanked Chelle for her dedication to the field of mathematics. Click to read the official proclamation – Michelle Younker Proclamation

Our students at Terra State are also being recognized for their achievements. Jeremiah McGowan has many roles besides majoring in mechanical engineering, he is vice president of Phi Theta Kappa, a student government senator, and a student employee in the Academic Service Center. This semester, he was selected as a 2015 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise and received a $1,000 scholarship from Phi Theta Kappa.

Jeremiah is a graduate of Lakota High School and plans to transfer to The Ohio State University to pursue a degree in aerospace engineering. Not only is he an engineering student, Jeremiah is a percussionist and has been active on Terra’s campus as a student leader and an instructor for our KidsCollege program. We are thankful to have him as an example of what our students can accomplish with hard work and commend him for being selected for this award.

jeremiah Jeremiah McGowan, recipient of the 2015 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise scholarship

As the semester ends, look back and take stock of the great things you have accomplished – whether it’s passing a tough class, making headway on your professional goals, or creating new bonds with those around you. Don’t forget the truly important things and that progress takes patience, hard work,  and dedication!